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S-TOKYO Community Interview!

Let's chat with members of the S-TOKYO community! We talked to Ryo Osera, CEO of "Yugyo Co., Ltd." about his work and life.


Interviewee:Ryo Osera

Ryo Osera, from Nagasaki, currently works as an executive member of the Japan Digital Nomad Association and an advisor to the Japan Workation Association. He also holds the position of Special Adjunct Professor at Kanazawa University's Institute for Advanced Tourism Studies since July 2023. After graduating from the University of Tsukuba, he joined Dentsu Inc. In 2019, he founded the travel subscription service "HafH." In September 2022, he established Japan's first marketing firm specializing in digital nomads, "Yugyo Co., Ltd."

ーWhat do you find most attractive about the nomadic lifestyle?

The ability to distinguish between authenticity and imitation has become the most intriguing aspect for me!

In Tokyo, you can somewhat mask questions about your title, income, or profession by saying, "I'm this or that." When I started nomad in Hokkaido, the emphasis on appearance, income, or titles in social interactions diminished. It became more about asking, "What kind of person are you?"

Moreover, traveling allows you to experience genuine history, architecture, and food worldwide. There's a greater opportunity to meet people who approach work and life in a way that resonates with you compared to Tokyo.

In such an environment, you learn to discern between authenticity and imitation, understanding your true capabilities. You can reevaluate what you've cultivated to determine if it's genuine. If it's not, it becomes apparent. You become more exposed, and you might see someone riding on their title.

By increasing opportunities to travel, you gain a sense of essence. I think experiencing this sensation is the charm of the nomadic lifestyle.

ーHow do you balance work and play? Do you consciously separate them, or do they overlap?

I do want to separate them! I aim to distinguish between "self-improvement" and "work," but I find myself combining them quite a bit. I'm working because I want to improve myself.

ーIn terms of "self-improvement," what activities are you currently engaged in?

I'm currently into making aromas! I want to create something that expresses my life, a "representation of the five senses." This is a private project unrelated to work, done with members from Yugyo. On my days off, I just want to completely indulge and become a recluse for a day, like spending two hours looking at social media without thinking about anything.

ーYou also need that time for yourself! Could you share more about your secret to staying active?

It's vitamin supplements, haha. Especially when I travel abroad, I bring Biofermin and stomach medicine. I believe that physical condition issues stem from the stomach, so I also receive chiropractic care to adjust my stomach and intestines. I think Biofermin, in particular, is suitable for daily use, adjusting based on my physical condition.

ーWhat is something essential in your life? For example, you mentioned earlier about "incorporating the scents of life into aromas." What kind of sensibilities acquired in life are being expressed?

My recent theme is the "essence of correctness." What I consider "correct" now, will it still be considered "correct" 2000 years from now?

For instance, the beauty of the landscapes I encountered in eastern Hokkaido, I felt it was something that people 2000 years from now could also find beautiful and valuable.

Also, the human senses as a function, I believe they will still exist 2000 years from now.

So, I want to be a person who can judge things from the perspective of those spans, such as 2000 years ago or 2000 years in the future.

In this era of diversity where we're told to live as we like, everyone is struggling with how to live. The skill to not be lost lies in whether you can see the correctness of 2000 years from now. In a nutshell, while traveling and nomading, I want to pursue more of these essences. In that sense, I still feel that I can transform and continue to change, so I'm looking forward to it.


【About S-TOKYO】
S-TOKYO is a small mixed-use facility (micro-complex) with co-working space, a cafe, and a gallery. It aims to be a community where local businesses, startups, creators, and digital nomads from around the world come together, fostering various activities every day. Pre-opened on November 22, 2023, it started accepting residents and is scheduled for a formal reopening in April 2024. Apart from operating as a co-working space, cafe & bar, and gallery, resident members can also propose and co-host events. We're looking for members who can make this place a comfortable space filled with connections and new inspirations!

【Member Interview Vol.1】 Ryo Osera / CEO of Yugyo Co., Ltd.

【Member Interview Vol.1】 Ryo Osera / CEO of Yugyo Co., Ltd.

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