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A Community for
Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs

Pre-Opening : November 22, 2023

Renewal Opening : April 2024


ただ働くだけではなく、日本のローカルならではの文化に出会い、触れ、「越境」と「共創」の実現のために働く場。S-Tokyo 日本橋小伝馬町です。

Where something interesting sparks.

The nomad workers live their days freely. 

This is a community where people comfortably make connections to each other, especially with someone who wants to make something better with others.

This place will be an opportunity for nomads from all over the world to "interact" with each other, and their encounters will " inspire" and lead to "co-creation" that has yet to be seen.

"S-TOKYO" is in Tokyo that blends into the everyday life of Nihonbashi, where is a local area in East Tokyo. 
Transcends all barriers, offers a view beyond the ordinary, and is filled with encounters with new excitement.

Why don't you come and explore the future scenery nobody knows about?

Spice things up!