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1 Day

Includes the following benefits

Valid for 1 Day




5 Days

Includes the following benefits

Valid for 7 Days




10 Days

Includes the following benefits

Valid for 90 Days

A. Nomad Pass  (Start from January 9th)

Opening Hours : 9:00 - 18:00 |No regular holiday

※Corporate registration is only for membership plan.

B. Membership (Flex Desk Monthly Membership)

※Memberships for corporate are with a minimum contract period of 6 months. 
※Corporate registration is only for membership.

※Tax Included

Local Company

- Teams headquartered

outside of Tokyo and

Kanto region in Japan



Plan Name


2-3 people

1 person

Monthly fee

Number of users


¥22,000 or $200 /1 person

¥19,800 or $180 /1 person

¥22,000 or $200 /1 person

¥5,500 or $50 /1person

-Add Member

Individual Booth 
- Reservation required, 1 time/1 hour

Meeting Room for 4 people 
- 12 hours

- 1,500 yen/month

Individual Booth 
- Reservation required, 1 time/1 hour

Meeting Room for 4
- 20 hours

- 1,500 yen/month

Individual Booth 
- Reservation required, 1 time/1 hour

Meeting Room for 4 
- 20 hours

- 1,500 yen/month

Corporate Registration


- Only for Registration







Available: 8:00 - 22:00 |No regular holiday




Registration fee ¥0

Gallery space on the 2nd floor is available at a discounted price. You can use the space for social gatherings, exhibitions, photography, etc. in any way you like! Please talk with the community curator when you have something come up with for the space.

Anyone can participate in our events held at S-TOKYO. Why don't you try to find "something interesting" through exchange?

We need to take our mind off from work at least once a week! Enjoy weekly free beer from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Let's do Kampai together!

Discount for the use of rental spaces

Weekly Free Beer

Invitation to community events

Cafe Discount 20%

This is a perfect place for those of you who "want to concentrate on your work, but also on your beverages." Enjoy a 20% discount on eligible café menu items.

Use of partnership office

The S-TOKYO community is not limited to Tokyo and Nihonbashi. We will introduce you to places we have visited and found to be comfortable and to bring out the best of the area. We hope you will make use of them!

Benefits of S-TOKYO *Please note some of service is limited under pre-opening period until the end of March, 2024.

Power Supply

Free Wi-fi

Printer (charged)

Water Server

Web MTG/Phone Booth

Locker (charged)





¥2,000/h ( Membership fee: ¥1,000/h)

​This is a completely private meeting room. (Wi-Fi, food and beverages allowed)

Meeting Room up to 4 people

¥2,800/h ( Membership fee: ¥1,600/h)

This is a completely private meeting room. (Wi-Fi, food and beverages allowed)

Meeting Room up to 8 people

¥5,500/h ( Membership fee: ask)

Open space with natural light. (35 sq.m.)

Gallary Space



Rental Space

A shared lounge attached to a community-type hotel/coliving base in the heart of the city of Kanazawa.
It is a HUB base where many local players gather for various events.

The office is located in Koza, Okinawa City, in the central part of the main island of Okinawa. Okinawa has an image of a resort, but Koza is a deep local area. The space is located in the Koza Startup Shopping Arcade community, where many challengers, including startups, gather.


LINNAS Kanazawa Share Lounge

S-TOKYO Nihonbashi Kodenmacho

S-TOKYO, the Tokyo location of the Valve Hub community office

S-TOKYO members have access to local affiliate locations throughout Japan at no additional charge.

Our community curators select only those locations that are not just workplaces, but have a community rooted in the local area, to be our partner locations. The number of locations will gradually increase in the future.

※Nomad Pass users may use one ticket only during the validity period.




  • We request payment by credit card.

  • S-TOKYO is available with a ¥0 admission fee. Why don’t you starting with Nomad Pass for a trial?

  • This plan offers discounts on memberships for corporate players based outside of Tokyo and the three prefectures of the Kanto region in Japan.
    We created this plan in the hope that local players will feel free to use S-TOKYO to expand their connections in Tokyo!

  • We are not closed on regular holidays. During the year-end, New Year's and summer vacations, our hours of operation may be shortened and we may be closed.