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"Local" is the new "frontier" of the future.


S-TOKYO is a international community for digital nomads and entrepreneurs

who live a multi-location lifestyle, moving lightly between rural areas and big cities,

or traveling around the world while working.


This is a place where a diverse range of people can work healthily and

connect with unique people with open mindset.

So that our crews are committed to helping each other make it more inclusive.


Our slogan is “Spice things up!”, which is an American idiom of its meaning “adding something interesting”.

We aim to co-build a unique and inclusive community in S-TOKYO with our community members.

After taking a year off from school, worked as an intern at startup company as part of the company's culture-building project management and system improvement.

Currently, involved in hotel operations at LINNAS Kanazawa, while also taking on branding and PM duties. Since student days, been interested in the global situation surrounding LGBTQ+ and products and ways of working that focus on sustainability.

Favorite saying : "I'm so hungry.”

Language: Japanese ,English

Community Curator

Yuka Matsumoto

After graduating from university, worked for a major resort company and then moved to LINNAS Kanazawa in order to serve guests more closely.

Being involved in the preparation for the opening of LINNAS Kanazawa, from designing the experience to convey the concept to guest satisfaction improvement measures.

Currently, in charge of SNS strategy planning and operation for Linnas Design in general, as well as the editor-in-chief of "Studio STAY," a hotel-specific recruitment web media.

Language: Japanese, English

Hotels / Web Media

Chichi Ito



Linnas Design is a team based in Kanazawa, Hokuriku area in Japan, with a mission

“ We design the And Place” operating hotels, coworking spaces and other type of assets.

“The And Place” is a coined word that means similar to “the 3rd place”,

but it could be anywhere that makes you feel comfortable with its community.

At S-TOKYO, we call our crews "community curators."

We try to provide tips for creativity and innovation by curating wonderful local things and

connecting community members from all over the world with the attractions of their respective areas.

Operated by :Linnas Design