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ーCould you tell us about your background and work?

I am from Urawa, Saitama, and have been living in Tokyo for about a year. After graduating from university, I joined a telecommunications company and worked in sales before leaving the company. Then, I spent a year in Los Angeles, USA! I went there for language studies and to pursue pole dancing. Currently, I am a freelancer working as a podcaster and pole dancer, and I also manage business contests for a startup company on a contract basis.

ーWhat is your work-life like, and why did you choose S-TOKYO?

I usually work either at home or at S-TOKYO. Sometimes, I go to the headquarters of the company I have a contract with. I come to S-TOKYO when I want to focus.

I have been to various co-working spaces, but S-TOKYO is great because it's a small space, and the staff are always there, connecting everyone! In large co-working spaces, it can feel like just a workspace without much interaction.

Previously, I didn't have a fixed place to work outside my home, but I know Chichi, which makes it easier to come here, and being here increases my productivity, so I like it!

ーCould you tell us more about your podcasting work? (I am a fan listener!)

I started the podcast about three years ago. My co-host handles recording and editing, and I mainly manage social media, TikTok, and Instagram. Our target audience is women in their 30s who want to get married. Surprisingly, 60% of our listeners are women, and 40% are men! It seems men are also interested in understanding women's hearts. Our TikTok has over 70,000 followers!

ーWhat is your motto?

"Make the chosen path the right one!" Quitting my job at a large company was a turning point in my life. It felt like I was starting from zero. When I decided to go to the US, I wasn't sure if my choice would be right or wrong. But I didn't want to regret it, so I decided to make this path the right one. I've lived with that mindset ever since.

ーWhat do you want to do in the future?

I have a lot of plans! (laughs) First, I want to dominate the podcasting world! There aren't many top podcasters who started from scratch. I want to make podcasts more popular through our work. Podcasts are great because they attract loyal fans and require less editing than videos. It's easy to start, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to share their thoughts.

Career-wise, I want to start a show club! Creating a show club has been my ultimate goal since I started pole dancing.


Community Curator's Comment

Thank you for coming to S-TOKYO! We are delighted that you chose S-TOKYO as your base for achieving your work goals and dreams. We hope Tokyo residents will use S-TOKYO for focused work periods or when they need a workspace with social interaction.

Feel free to use the space as you like. We are always here for you 😊

Thank you so much, Kotomi!

【About S-TOKYO】
S-TOKYO is a small mixed-use facility (micro-complex) with co-working space, a cafe, and a gallery. It aims to be a community where local businesses, startups, creators, and digital nomads from around the world come together, fostering various activities every day. Pre-opened on November 22, 2023, it started accepting residents and is scheduled for a formal reopening in April 2024. Apart from operating as a co-working space, cafe & bar, and gallery, resident members can also propose and co-host events. We're looking for members who can make this place a comfortable space filled with connections and new inspirations!

【Member Interview Vol.4】 Ms.Kotomi/Freelancer

【Member Interview Vol.4】 Ms.Kotomi/Freelancer

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