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S-TOKYO Kanazawa Week Event Report

Hello. I'm Yuka from LINNAS Kanazawa. This time, I will be providing a report on the "S-TOKYO Kanazawa Week" held over four days from July 25th to 28th. It's the return of Kanazawa Week in Tokyo after about a year. Once again, it was an event where the potential of the community could be keenly felt. Let's look back on how the event unfolded!

Event Information


July 25th (Tue) - July 28th (Fri), 2023


S-TOKYO (a hidden gem in Nihonbashi Kodenmacho)


July 25th (Tue) - July 28th (Fri), 2023

Solo Exhibition "Brushing Characters" by Calligrapher Yuji Doy

July 26th (Wed), 2023

Social Bar by LINNAS Kanazawa

July 28th (Fri), 2023

Kanazawa Yosomono-kai (Outsiders' Gathering)

Event Overview

Solo Exhibition "Brushing Characters" by Calligrapher Yuji Doy

This exhibition, titled "Brushing Characters," was opened this time. There were various title candidates, but the one that personally attracted me was exactly this. As I researched the thoughts and production anecdotes behind Mr. Doy's works, the title naturally became a balanced combination of kanji and hiragana.

The exhibition featured works that were easy for people unfamiliar with art to relate to, as well as pieces that made you think about what they depicted and works that conveyed the hidden power of characters.

Each piece was captivating, and they went beyond being appreciated merely as characters. Many works made you want to read the meanings and emotions embedded in them.

It was an exhibition that took your breath away, making you think, "So, this is what it means to be able to look at something for a long time."

Social Bar by LINNAS Kanazawa

Aki from Linnas Design and Ayakyo from Sembunnoichi Co., Ltd., an architectural design firm based in Kanazawa and residing in S-Tokyo, hosted a bar event as one-day managers.

Ayakyo, who loves whiskey wholeheartedly, and the attendees, who preferred highballs to beer, were all enthusiasts of alcohol. Ayakyo's highball making skills undoubtedly made her highballs irresistibly charming and a reason for people to come.

Thanks to the collaboration between Aki and Ayakyo, more people than expected came to meet them on that day.

For the participants, it was a fruitful time discussing the future, consulting about work, and more. It must have been a meaningful time for everyone!

Kanazawa Yosomono-kai (Outsiders' Gathering)

"Yosomono" is a Kanazawa term that refers to "outsiders." Regardless of birth and upbringing, people who love Kanazawa gathered for a casual exchange meeting.

The highlight of this meeting was undoubtedly sake!

More than six types of Kanazawa local sake, rarely tasted in Tokyo, were prepared, and participants enjoyed an all-you-can-drink experience. The snacks prepared for the day were also directly sent from Kanazawa – a combination of irresistible food and drink for Kanazawa enthusiasts.

At one point, there were so many people that chairs became insufficient, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their interactions.


This time, we looked back on the "S-TOKYO Kanazawa Week." We were eagerly looking forward to being able to hold LINNAS events in Tokyo again after a year.

Did we manage to bring the essence of LINNAS from Kanazawa?

We believe in the power of community. We hope that the connections made during this Kanazawa Week will continue in the future.

Until we meet again in Tokyo!

S-TOKYO Kanazawa Week Event Report

S-TOKYO Kanazawa Week Event Report

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