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POPUP event was held on April 18-19 at the S-TOKYO 2nd floor gallery & lounge!

The works of the SAVE THE INDIGO PROJECT are made from Japanese antique indigo textiles archived from 丹-niho-, a historic artisan shop in Noto City that was affected by the major earthquake in January 2024.

Tailor/seamstress Tadashi Momoyama from Kanazawa has transformed these 100-year-old indigo-dyed fabrics into new fashion items. This wonderful project inherits the spirit of craftsmanship and creates new value in the world. Visitors were able to feel the value strongly by handling the items and listening to Mr. Momoyama's stories.


(Quote from the official SAVE THE INDIGO PROJECT Instagram)

Fusing the joy of living and designing with indigo for the next 100 years.

SAVE THE INDIGO pieces are made from antique Japanese indigo textiles archived from 丹-niho-, a local artisan store with rich history located in Noto, recently affected by the New Years Earthquake earlier this year. Our aim is to explore the possibilities of old dying Japanese fabrics and breathe new life into them. May our practice of sustainability continue our journey into the future.

#indigo #japanblue #japanvintage #antiquefabric #boro #craftmanship

#japan #japanesefashion #japanvintage #japanantique #kimono #tradithional #upcycling #sustainablefashion #tailoring #bespoke #handsewing #naturalfabric

Tadashi Momoyama


【About S-TOKYO】
S-TOKYO is a small mixed-use facility (micro-complex) with co-working space, a cafe, and a gallery. It aims to be a community where local businesses, startups, creators, and digital nomads from around the world come together, fostering various activities every day. Pre-opened on November 22, 2023, it started accepting residents and is scheduled for a formal reopening in April 2024. Apart from operating as a co-working space, cafe & bar, and gallery, resident members can also propose and co-host events. We're looking for members who can make this place a comfortable space filled with connections and new inspirations!



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