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The event took place at the S-TOKYO 2nd floor gallery and 1st floor café&bar!

For this "Snack GLOCAL One-Day Manager" event, we welcomed Mr. Keitaro Iwaki, Director of Astena Holdings Co., Ltd., and Mr. Ryuichi Echigo, President of 46000 Co., Ltd., who shared the charm of Kanazawa and Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Though the memories of the Noto earthquake on New Year's Day 2024 are still painfully vivid, the words of Mr. Iwaki and Mr. Echigo were filled with energy, uplifting the entire audience.

Many attendees expressed their eagerness to visit Ishikawa, saying, "I want to go to Ishikawa soon!" and "I'm going this year!"

The event was a great success with lively conversations over Ishikawa's local sake and snacks. Thank you all for the wonderful time!

【About S-TOKYO】 S-TOKYO is a small mixed-use facility (micro-complex) with co-working space, a cafe, and a gallery. It aims to be a community where local businesses, startups, creators, and digital nomads from around the world come together, fostering various activities every day. Pre-opened on November 22, 2023, it started accepting residents and is scheduled for a formal reopening in April 2024. Apart from operating as a co-working space, cafe & bar, and gallery, resident members can also propose and co-host events. We're looking for members who can make this place a comfortable space filled with connections and new inspirations!

【Event Report】Snack GLOCAL × Ishikawa

【Event Report】Snack GLOCAL × Ishikawa

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