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Digital Nomad Meetup

As a "Community for Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs," S-TOKYO creates a space where traveling digital nomads can meet and connect comfortably. One of the ways we do this is through our event, the Digital Nomad Meetup!

This event is held twice a month with the support of the JDNA (Japan Digital Nomad Association).

The Digital Nomad Meetup is a casual networking event that attracts many digital nomads. It's perfect for those who want to enjoy life in Japan more, are looking for their next destination, or want to engage in global exchanges. We highly recommend a participation style where you use the S-TOKYO coworking space during the day and enjoy the meetup in the evening!

Participants come from diverse backgrounds, with varying nationalities and ages. While the official language is primarily English, in the last meetup, an Israeli, a British, and an American were conversing in Chinese (amazing!). The event's charm lies in these encounters that transcend national and linguistic boundaries.

Most attendees come alone, but everyone is so charming and friendly that they quickly warm up to each other and enjoy interacting with fellow guests.

According to our guests, participating in the Digital Nomad Meetup has helped them make friends to enjoy life in Tokyo with and led to new connections that benefit their work and hobbies.

Usually, we announce the Digital Nomad Meetup on Meetup, but recently, it has become so popular that it exceeds the 25-person capacity and has a waitlist! We will continue to hold these events, so don't miss the announcements!

Check out this Meetup event from "Digital Nomads Tokyo"

"Digital Nomads Tokyo":

【Event Report】Digital Nomad Meetup - A Popular Event That's Always Fully Booked!

【Event Report】Digital Nomad Meetup - A Popular Event That's Always Fully Booked!

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