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【Event Schedule】

February 15, 2024 (Thursday)

17:00-18:30 Coworking Time: Exclusive for event participants! 3rd and 4th floors of the coworking space are open for free!

18:30-    Doors open for the 2nd floor. When entering the venue, please purchase one drink on the 1st floor.

19:00-19:30 Meet up glocal talk session (Free admission, pre-registration required) / 2nd floor

19:30-21:30 Snack time (Cash on) / 1st floor

*Please cooperate with cashless payments.

【Event Detail】

”Think global, act local 🌍 At 'Snack GLOCAL”

we invite local players from various regions in Japan and around the world to become the proprietors of our snack bar! It's an event where you can experience the atmosphere of a deep local tavern, offering a stimulating and friendly time 🎉

During the 'Snack time,' the members from Kotohira will become the one-day proprietors of the snack bar. Alongside local snacks, guests will have a casual exchange 🙌 Drinks will also be available for purchase.

Even if the location isn't your hometown, if you have an interest in the place or consider it your 'second hometown,' please feel free to join us! Kotohira fans, gather around!

"Snack GLOCAL" One-day Managers for this event:

Hiroki Kishimoto, Representative Director of Shiori-ya Co., Ltd. "Playing in a Box-shaped Park with HAKOBUNE Project"

Recreating a more than 50-year-old abandoned building in Kotoden Town, Kagawa Prefecture, into a playground resembling a "park" where individuals can enjoy "Recreation" (creative activities with spontaneity and playfulness) using their creativity.

Ryutaro Ike, Representative Director of KONPIRA DROP STORIES Co., Ltd. "Five Farmers, Ike Shoten 28th Generation"

A member of the "Five Farmers," one of five families permitted to sell candies on the premises while assisting with the Shinto rituals at Kotohira-gu Shrine for generations. Engaged in the production and sale of "Kamiyo Ame." As a missionary of Kotohira, he continues various initiatives to convey the town's charm.

Yasuhiro Urushihara, Representative Director of Kotoden International Hotel Yumoto Yachiyo Co., Ltd. / President of Kotoden Town Tourism Association

Taijiro Kusunoki, Representative Director of Kotohira Bus Co., Ltd.

Jun Omi, Representative Director of Local Creation Co., Ltd.

"The Kotohira Three Musketeers" While being mindful not to be labeled as a nuisance, these free-spirited old men, known as the "Kotohira Aging Three Musketeers," continue various projects, including inconspicuous but expensive large-scale renovations.

Meet up glocal talk session



Engaging in global PR and attracting/receiving digital nomads both domestically and internationally. In charge of public relations for workations and digital nomad-related activities. Based in Shizuoka, Izu Shizuoka.

What is Kotohira?

Population: 7,907, Area: 8.47 km², Aging Rate: 41%

As a historical and cultural town serving as the gateway to the prominent tourist destination "Konpira-san," Kotohira also boasts the "Konpira Onsen District," an important accommodation base for sightseeing in Kagawa Prefecture and Shikoku.

Despite its small size, the town has two railway stations (JR and Kotoden), direct buses from Takamatsu Airport, and highway buses from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, providing convenient access.However, the number of tourists has generally been on the decline since the opening of the Seto Ohashi Bridge in 1988.

Rather than a revival from COVID-19, regional innovation triggered by the pandemic is now being sought.The theme is "a town you want to visit many times in your lifetime."

What are we doing?

〇 To the Holy Land of Digital Nomads... Focusing on the upcoming spring opening of Kotori Coworking & Hostel Kotohira, Kotohira Classica, and HAKOBUNE Hostel Cabin, we aim to be a town chosen by digital nomads and remote workers from around the world. We are working on improving the reception environment and developing stay programs.

〇 Whole Town Hotel Project... With the theme of revitalizing the shopping street, we are renovating five vacant houses into guesthouses, bagel shops, and Japanese tea cafes. Expected to open in December 2024.

〇 Kotohira Digital Residents... As a complementary tool for fan, repeat visitors, and community building, we have started a tourism CRM through collaboration with private businesses.... and more.



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